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Very easy Sudoku puzzles

This is a great way to introduce yourself to logic, math and puzzle solving – all the while having fun.

The Sudoku puzzles are a great way to:

  • Improve your memory
  • Improve concentration
  • Help your brain to learn
  • Help to improve your mental health
  • Reduce stress
  • Relax
  • Use to train your brain thru logical thinking

Easy Sudoku Puzzles

Easy Sudoku puzzles for people who want to improve their brain.

These Sudoku puzzles are perfect for beginners and for people who have limited experience with Sudoku.

They are also suitable for kids ages 8-12.


Medium Sudoku puzzles

Train your brain and have fun!

You love Sudoku but hate all those hard sudoku puzzles? This book makes it easy for you.

Medium Sudoku Puzzles is an awesome game that challenges you with medium difficulty puzzles.

Hard Sudoku Puzzles

Get your daily dose of Sudoku.

The hardest Sudoku puzzles you’ll ever play are here for free!

Train your brain for hours and you’ll have fun and learn at the same time.



Captivating Kakuro puzzles

Discover the exciting Kakuro puzzles.

Have you tried Kakuro? It’s like Sudoku,  and it’s addictive!

Kakuro is a classic Japanese puzzle game. It’s a mix between a crossword puzzle and a Sudoku.

Train your brain with Kakuro puzzles and have some fun.

Hard Sudoku Puzzles

Discover the exciting Mine finder puzzles.

There is a mine buried deep within your brain. Your Mine finder is a game that tests your memory, concentration and problem solving skills.

The amazing Mine finder puzzles are a brain training game for kids and adults alike. A fun and entertaining way to improve your memory and concentration.




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